No Project Description Customer Location Status
1 Four years contract on the provision of technical Manpower and Equipment for the maintenance of 11KV Distribution Equipment on the Department of Electrical Service Power System. BPMC Brunei Nationwide Completed July 2015
2 Refurbishment of Aux. Transformer at Brunei Power Plants. Ethos Energy / BPMC Lumut Power Station, Brunei Completed July 2015
3 Provision of TechnicalManpower and Equipment for the maintenance of GT Generator Aux. Electrical Equipment. Ethos Energy / BPMC Brunei Power Plant Completed June 2015
4 Provide qualified engineer to perform on site training and various electrical tests on 6 numbers of Aux. Transformer Malakoff TG Bin Power Plants.Johor, Malaysia Completed June 2015
5 Provide manpower and equipment to conduct electrical testing and diagnostic on 5MVA Transformer. BHC Brunei Heidelberg Cement Plant Muara, Brunei Completed June 2015
6 Site acceptance test of 11KV substation and cable spiking works. BPMC Kg Kasat and Kg Putat areas, Brunei Completed June 2015
7 Perform site acceptance test for LV Switchboard protection Joffran Omar Co. Brunei Shell Platform. Completed May 2015
8 Perform Site acceptance test for 22kV Gas Insulated Switchgear. Schneider / Brunei Shell Brunei Shell Completed May 2015
9 Provide manpower and equipment for inspection and maintenance of 132kV intake substation in Nippon Electric Glass Plant. Khind Electric Shah Alam, Malaysia Completed May 2015
10 Refurbishment works of 5 units 31MVA to 48MVA step up Transformers. Tirathai / BPMC Lumut Power Station, Brunei Completed May 2015
11 Auto change Transfer system modification works (GTG-19) McConnell Dowell Lumut Power Station Brunei Completed Mar 2015
12 Supply & Installation of 12 no’s 138kV rated G&W outdoor cable sealing ends DES Gadong Power Station 1, Brunei Completed Feb 2015
13 Proposed Outer Sheath Testing, Sheath Fault Location of DES 66KV Underground Cable Circuits Overa Period of three years DES Brunei Completed Oct 2014
14 Supply, delivery and replacement works for clamps, connectors’ jumper and conductors at 6 of 66/11kV Outdoor switchyards. DES Brunei Completed Sep 2014
15 Installation works of 18 no’s 66KV rated Sudkabel cable sealing ends. Sudkabel / BPMC Lumut Power Station, Brunei Completed Sep 2014
16 Refurbishment of 31MVA Power transformer (GTG-23) Siemens / BPMC Gadong Power Station, Brunei Completed Apr 2014
17 Diagnostic Test & Tripping Investigation on 15/20MVA Fuji Transformer 2 DES SetiaDiRaja 66/11KV substation, Brunei Completed Apr 2013
18 Perform underground detection service BPMC Berakas Power Station Gas Turbine areas, Brunei Completed Dec 2012
19 Complete rectification of decommissioned of 66KV underground cables DES Sungai Pimping, Brunei Completed Aug 2012
20 Provide manpower and equipment for erection of complete BMC 66KV substation Primary and secondary system Pestech / BMC BMC 66KV Substation, Brunei Completed Nov 2009
21 Supply, Delivery of Ancillaries Equipment, Installation, Testing and Commissioning works for 132kV/66kV GIS, Associated GTG modification works, and 132kV/66kV Cabling Works at Department of Electrical Service. BPMC Lumut Power Station, Brunei Ongoing

Note: Complete projects reference lists can be provided upon request